Hi Everybody!

I’m Gianni Golfera, creator of the Golfera Method and author of the e-book More Memory.

I have some questions for you:

  • Have you ever read an entire page from a book and then didn’t remember any of it?
  • How many times have you looked for a term in a foreign language that you had just learned?
  • Have you ever met someone whom no matter how hard you tried, you simply couldn’t remember the name?
  • Have you ever studied with the anxiety of knowing that the exams were getting closer and yet you didn’t feel ready?
  • Have you ever had the feeling of fear and frustration which comes from studying with great commitment and then get poor or bad results at exams or tests?

Well, you should know that when I was in school I’ve had exactly the same problems and it was back then that I realized that nobody ever taught me a real working learning method!
I used to read and repeat for days on end with the result of getting more and more discouraged and insecure because I was studying but not learning.
So I began realizing that our own fate depends on the skills that we are able to acquire! The more professional skills you manage to obtain, the better the quality of your life and ambitions.

Then I had the privilege to meet an extraordinary man, who forever changed my life, Professor Andrea Vitali, medieval historian and a researcher of ancient memory strategies. It was him who taught me that memory isn’t something we have by birth, but something we can mould and, more surprisingly, that anybody with the proper study can learn to improve tremendously!

I knew then what I had to do and how to do it!

I came to know about ancient texts which had taught the most successful people in history the secrets to memory since the 5th Century B.C. and had them translated, I then summarized the best memory strategies.
That allowed me to memorize any text after reading it for the first time, it wasn’t a miracle but a method based on 2500 years of history.
Julius Caesar, Cicero and Napoleon Bonaparte are just a few of the many great personalities from the past that had achieved their extraordinary success using the secrets of the art of memory.
I hence realized that I could apply the same principles to make my life just as extraordinary and decided to collaborate with scientists and researchers to investigate the scientific basics of these strategies.

After many years of study and research the first results were published on #63 of the Brain Research Bulletin and my revolutionary method showed that not only memory had no limitations and boundaries but furthermore that anyone could improve its own memory by simply following my strategies and successfully pass exams, learn a language faster and remember any kind of abstract information or concept in no time at all.
Such a breakthrough news travelled fast around the world and The National Geographic Channel, The Sunday Time, The International Herald Tribune and El Mundo were just a few among the medias that covered it.

After 20 years researching and studying the power of memory I’ve come up with a unique method to improve it, in a perfect blend between the ancient art of memory and modern scientific knowledge and support, at its best to be used in our everyday life.

And now having shared my knowledge with hundreds of thousands of people, I know exactly what anyone needs to improve its memory, and since what I have at heart is to help as many people as possible, here I am offering you the chance to begin improving your memory right away and free of charge!

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