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I came across a page on wikiHow where it has great resources for specific tips and general advice about how to improve your memory.  If you want to see what others are training and advising, check it out!  What I like about this page is that you can edit and add tips on memory that has given you results.  So if you feel that you have something that you want to add or share, just click on the EDIT button.  Enjoy!

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Memory Improvement Tips

The main booster when you are trying to improve your memory is to remember that you only have to work on what you already have. It is not that your brain is faulty or doesn’t work. All you have to do is to follow some strategies for memory improvement. Here are certain tips that will come handy for sure:

  • Brain Exercise

It is a known fact that we use a very small part of our brain while the vast part of it remains unused. People with very good memory generally use more parts of their brains than common people. Now that you know the difference, a sure shot way for memory improvement is to engage your brain more. You can try with simple activities like dressing up while keeping your eyes shut or brushing your teeth with your left hand. These unusual activities will engage the part of brain, which is generally not used.

  • Involving more senses into work

It has been always seen that when we bring more senses into work, we can memorize better. That is why a visual learner can learn and remember more if he/she brings in the sense of color, rhythm or imagination into work. If you have noticed that you can remember a piece of dull text better when you are reading it loud, you are taking help from both visualizing and audible senses at the same time.

  • Increasing attention or awareness

We can never remember the thing to which we are not paying attention at all. To encode certain information in brain and in the appropriate memory centers, we need to pay attention to what we are learning. 8 seconds of intent focus is required to process a piece of information through hippocampus of brain and then is channelized to proper memory centers. The more we practice on paying attention without getting distracted, the better will be the rate of memory improvement.

There are various other ways that you can try to boost memory power. However, the primary important thing is always your own will power that will help you travel the road towards memory improvement.

If you thought that the desire to have a sharper mind and memory would require hours of hard word and practice, think again. You can now use memory power improvement techniques just 10 minutes a day to achieve the desired objective. If you are wondering how to go about it, here are some steps to help you in your endeavor:

Use mind maps: Since your brain tends to remember pictures better than words, try using mind maps to put your ideas and thoughts on paper. When you put your thoughts on paper, your brain will remember the information unintentionally. So, the next time you review the information, you will feel that you already know it.

Use the linking method: Try to link stale or boring information into interesting chunks or a memorable story, which is an important memory power improvement method. This way, you will be able to recall them later easily. For example, remembering 12365 can be difficult but if you link the numbers as 1 year = 12 months = 365 days, it becomes easier to remember the same.

Play brain games: Play games that stimulate your brain cells. Many memory power improvement courses stress on the use of chess, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, mechanical puzzles like Rubik’s cube, word power, scrabble, crosswords, word scramble, and logic puzzles – all of which help to keep your brain fit and fine so that every neural interaction gives quick and right results.

Exercise your eyes: Try to move your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds each day. This will improve the communication between the two hemispheres of your brain, thus helping you in your effort for memory power improvement.

Plan your exercise schedule and diet: A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. So, plan a regular exercise schedule and consume food items that play an important role in memory power improvement.

Your memory power depends on how well your attention span is how quick your brain can store and retrieve information. If any one of these systems does not work properly, you may have memory difficulties. So, try out the memory power improvement tips as mentioned above on a regular basis to enhance your mind and memory power.

Vitamins For Memory Improvement

vitaminsAs we age, our memory power takes a beating. If you don’t want to simply sit back and let nature takes its course, you should know about the effective ways that could help you improve your memory. Apart from physical fitness and intake of a healthy diet, you can also consider the consumption of certain vitamins that are known for their memory improvement power.

When you consider vitamins to improve memory, Vitamin A, C and E as well as B Vitamins top the list. Vitamin A – also called Beta Carotene, is often clubbed under the category of “Antioxidant Vitamins” as it protects the brain cells against the damaging action of free radicals. Vitamins C and E also belong to the same category and help in either stopping or slowing down the spread of damage caused by free radicals. While consumption of citrus fruits and dark green leafy vegetables will help you get enough dosage of Vitamin C, intake of nuts, seeds and fish oils will ensure that you have enough amount of Vitamin E in your body.

Many research results have shown that B Vitamins protect the neurons in the brain by creating a protective shield around them. They also break down the amino acid - homocysteine, which is toxic for the nerve cells. These vitamins play an important role in the production of red blood cells, which help in the transport of oxygen to the brain. Important B vitamins that improve memory include B12, B6, and B9 (Folic Acid). You may either take them as vitamin supplements or opt for the preferred option of consuming food items rich in these vitamins.

So, make a habit of eating spinach, other dark, green leafy vegetables like broccoli, soybeans, strawberries, melons, asparagus, black beans, legumes, and citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit to enjoy improved memory. Remember that these vitamins will be helpful in addressing memory problems ranging from mild to moderate level. You may even steer clear of dreadful ailments like Alzheimer's diseases if you complement the intake of these vitamins with a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen. So, take the first step towards memory improvement by ensuring the intake of these helpful vitamins in your diet.

Brain Training and Fitness Exercises

improve memoryThe more active you keep your brain, the more fit it will be for performing certain tasks. Just like we can keep our body healthy through exercises, brain fitness exercises are also there with the same aim – to keep your brain healthy and active. However, before you start jotting down some brain fitness exercises from here and there, you should have a proper idea about the concepts behind these fitness regime for your brain. So, here are some facts to help you in your endeavor:

  • Your brain grows better when you keep your focus on a single idea or item as the brain thinks through association.
  • Your brain gets very active when it finds varieties of exercises and activities. On the contrary, if you fall into the habit of regular patterns of work, your brain gets adjusted to it and tends to get sluggish.
  • Challenging your brain with new activities can really stimulate it and improve memory power as well.

Now that you are aware of some of the ways that your brain works or loves to work, creating and following brain fitness exercises becomes easier. Here are certain exercise ideas that you can try to keep your brain active and fit:

  • Speed Reading: This is one of the easiest and effective fitness exercises for the brain that you can try. Speed-reading helps in improving photographic memory and increase knowledge fast through building neural networks in the brain.
  • Color Recalling and Picture Visualization: This is a very effective brain training exercise. It helps in improving memory a lot. There can be several types of color recalling and picture visualization exercises, from which you can take your pick.
  • Playing with Words: When you are trying to improve your memory by training your brain to become more active, playing with words can be very helpful.
  • Physical Exercises for Brain: There are several brain training exercises and a physical exercise for the brain is one of them. You can, for instance, stare straight ahead and focus your eyes in front. Then without turning your head, you have to slowly roll your eyes fully by 360°.

Try to follow some of these exercises for a more active brain and memory power.

Music and the Brain Training Program

Music and the Brain TrainingThere are several ways that can help in stimulating the brain and increase memory power. Music and brain training has become one of these many options that are gaining much popularity these days. It has been seen that music can do wonders in making our brain more active and target memory improvement through the same. The fact that music helps in training our brain in a more channelized way to gain substantial results is now a proven truth. Here are the benefits of music:

  • Music helps in improving reading and literacy skills by enhancing brain activity.
  • Spatial-temporal reasoning faculty can also be improved through music.
  • It has been seen that children who suffer from attention deficit problem can do better in mathematical examination after listening to music.
  • Music and brain training also helps in gaining emotional intelligence.

Having known all these benefits, you must be wondering how exactly music helps in stimulating our brain. So, here are some facts that will give you a better insight:

  • There are music with particular rhythm pattern and beats that target the right and left parts of our brain. We can play this type of music to train those parts of our brain to achieve more. For instance, the music with 60 beats per minute pattern, created by Mozart or in baroque music, can actually stimulate the left and right parts of our brain.
  • When our brain is trained, it can process information better. It has also been seen that playing particular music instruments can activate both parts of the brain at the same time. This is an amazing effect of music and brain training.
  • Our recalling faculty can also be improved by training our brain through music. In fact, researchers have found that certain music act as great keys, which play important role in improving our recalling faculty.
  • Children who take music lessons from their childhood have shown greater capability in memorizing rather than other kids.

Music and brain training has come to the fore as a very convenient way of improving our memory, and is gaining more popularity with each passing day.

Strategies to Improve Memory

At some point of time in our lives, all of us have either tried or are still trying to employ strategies to improve memory. There are certain ways that you can depend on instead of trying the much-hyped medicines or other memory solutions available in the market.
There are generally four basic ways as mentioned below, which can help in overall memory improvement:

• Development of the mind

Just like we train our body through several exercises, we can train our mind too. The main objective is the same in both these cases – achieving fitness - both for the body and the mind. There are several areas where we can improve our mental fitness like imagination, awareness, and analytical skills. The more active our mind becomes, the more fit it is. Even an improvement in memory power is observed at the same time. You can even use various self-help books for improving your mental health and fitness.

• Conversion of information

It is generally harder to remember a chunk of information than remembering small bits of information. That is why if you convert a chunk of information into little bits using charts, diagrams or color-coding to make it attractive and interesting, it will help in remembering certain things easily. Taking the dullness away and converting the same piece of text into small, spicy ones helps a lot to memorize and improve memory.

• Memorizing techniques

There are several ways and exercises that you can follow to improve memory. One good way is to relate some dull information to something that appears to be interesting to you like color, music or funny facts.

• Power of recalling

Another great strategy for memory improvement is to guide and train your mind to recall things. Sometimes it happens that we really don’t forget anything, but fail to recall certain events. This is because most of us do not bring our conscious mind to full work. We should train our conscious mind to work more, which in turn will help to improve memory . For instance, you can start by recalling the day’s event just before you go to bed. Gradually, you can extend this exercise to other fields of life and improve memory.

Memory Improvement Exercises by Gianni Golfera

Improving the power of one’s memory is a dream that we all wish to achieve. Stories of photographic memory make us wonder what would make us attain that level of memory skill. This is where memory improvement exercises can come into play. These exercises may not turn you into a genius, but will surely increase your brain’s capability manifolds. The basic purpose behind these exercises is to keep your brain cells active, and thus in working condition. The more use your memory, the stronger will it become. Here are some exercises that you can employ:

  • Tease the Memory

In order to strengthen your memory, you can test its capabilities through memorizing small paragraphs or poems on a regular basis. There are two basic steps to this process, memorizing and recalling. Don’t lose heart if you miss key passages at first. Rather, go back to text and continue with the exercise.

Another way to do this is to memorize the names of interesting people and places that you may have come across while reading a book or a magazine. Now, try to remember them. Start with a smaller list. Later, as your memory improves, include more names.

  • Play

The list of memory improvement exercises also includes some games that are perfect for energizing the brain cells. Solving crossword puzzles or Soduku will stimulate your brain cells, especially those that you may not use day in your daily life.

  • Association

Our memory works best with those names, events, and numbers that have some sort of association. It happens quite often that we remember a particular name by associating it with some incident or action. Therefore, whenever you come across an unusual name or a long number, try to associate it with something familiar.

  • Creating Acronyms

Acronyms are easier to remember. It is a good idea to create acronyms of important definitions, or items. This is one of the most effective memory improvement exercises.

  • Rhyme Time

Memory improvement exercises can be fun. Take a name or number and weave your own creativity around it. Match it with other words that rhyme with it.

Do these memory improvement exercises on a daily basis, and you will soon get the desired results.

How to Improve Memory and ConcentrationRetention is an important part of memory, and successful retention depends a lot on concentration. The more we concentrate on an image or incident, the better chance it has of staying in our long-term memory. Thus, it is quite safe to say that the efficiency of memory depends a lot on our level of concentration. Therefore, we need to improve memory and concentration in order to live a better and more active life. There are quite a few ways of achieving this goal as follows:
This is a type of exercise that can improve memory quite effectively. There are some specific ‘asanas’, or postures, which are specifically created for this purpose. Sirshashana is one such posture. It improves the oxygen circulation to our brain cells. Pranayamas or breathing techniques are also good for concentration. The positive impact of meditation on concentration is also well known. All you need to do is to pick a few of these asanas and pranayamas and practice them on a regular basis.

Keep your focus on one thing at a time. This will help you to concentrate on the thing in a more intense way. Lack of concentration will mean that the memory will be a fleeting one. The longer the concentration is, the prolonged the memory will be.

It is important that you repeat quite often what you have memorized. The frequency of your recalling the information will help your memory in retaining it for a longer period. Repeat usage of data also helps the brain cells to stay alert.

Writing down new information will also assist your brain a lot. This action requires the brain to recall the stored data and present it.

No Distractions
While studying, you should make sure that there are no distractions in the vicinity. Loud music and noise can hamper concentration as well as memorization.

You cannot concentrate with a tired mind. Make sure that you get enough sleep and rest. Sleep will recharge your mind and body. Moreover, choose a time when your brain works the best. Many people find morning sessions to be quite productive, while some others may find evening or night to be more suitable. So, select your own time that’s conducive to learning and concentration.
In order to improve memory and concentration, it is important that you stick to these simple steps.

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