As we live life we learn about a million bits and pieces of facts and information. It is not possible for our brain to remember each and every thing. However, a strong memory is something that we all want. So how can one improve memory? How can you stop memory loss while aging? Here are some memory exercises that will help you improve memory. You could try out any of the below mentioned memory improvement exercises.

  • Recite Loudly

When you learn some new piece of information, try reciting it aloud so that you can memorize the information quickly and store it in your brain. Reciting it aloud for about 3-5 times will help remembering things better.

  • Associate

Association is a great memory improvement technique. If you want to memorize a piece of information, and then associate it with anything that you feel is relevant. Association helps in timely and accurate recollection.

  • Acronym

This is a technique that is usually used by students for memorizing and recalling lengthy and difficult definitions and formulas. Cutting a lengthy sentence into a much easy to remember acronym can make it easy to remember that piece of information. You can also use mnemonic techniques (using rhymes, song, and alliteration) to memorize things.

Apart from the above mentioned exercises, you can also use the below mentioned memory improvement tips:

  • It is important to concentrate while learning a new piece of information. Without concentration it can become difficult in memorizing things.
  • Eat a well balanced and healthy diet.
  • Exercise regularly to keep your mind fit.
  • Get sufficient sleep, it is important for your mind to rest.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Keep your brain active by solving puzzles that involves strategic and logical thinking.

It is important to understand your individual memorization process. See what works better for you. Do you use association to remember information? Or do you make use of a graphical association to memorize things?  Remember that mugging up information does not help. It is important understand concepts than mugging up. Rather than trying out different memory techniques, just stick to one that works for you. Focus on that and improve your memory.

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