memory lossMemory loss is a common phenomenon that happens with age. There are very few people who have not suffered from this frustrating part of aging. Moreover, presence of the Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia make people quite frightened. Though the fear may not be unfounded, every memory loss does not indicate Alzheimer’s. What’s more, once you know that you can really prevent memory loss, the fear lessens. Yes, you can retain normal memory by following some simple rules.

Staying physically fit is the precondition of possessing a healthy mind. Our brain needs a regular supply of Oxygen, without which the brain cells tend to get weaker. Exercise makes sure that your whole body, including the brain, gets the required amount of Oxygen. In addition, daily work out will also keep your cardiovascular muscles in good condition. Joining a gym or taking up yoga classes are right steps to prevent memory loss.

What we eat has direct effect on our brain. Instead of filling your belly with junk food, you will do your brain a world of good by including fresh fruits, vegetables, and other antioxidants in your meals. Food items that have greater amount of Vitamin B are especially beneficial for the brain.

Sleep Tight

Getting adequate sleep is also necessary. Sleep helps the brain to rejuvenate. A tired brain can’t function properly. You need to give your brain those eight hours of sound sleep in case you want to prevent memory loss. If you have insomnia or any other sleep related diseases, consult a physician immediately.

Say NO to Smoking
If you want to prevent memory loss, you will have to stay away from cigarettes. Smoking can hamper the Oxygen flow to the brain by clogging the arteries. Help your body to help you.

Depression and Stress
Stress is responsible for cortisol hormone that can harm hippocampus, an important area in your brain. Depression is believed to be a nemesis of neurons.

There are a few medicines that can be detrimental for the brain cells. So, consult your physicians before popping any pills.

Pay heed to the above-mentioned rules, and you will be able to prevent memory loss.

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