Improving the power of one’s memory is a dream that we all wish to achieve. Stories of photographic memory make us wonder what would make us attain that level of memory skill. This is where memory improvement exercises can come into play. These exercises may not turn you into a genius, but will surely increase your brain’s capability manifolds. The basic purpose behind these exercises is to keep your brain cells active, and thus in working condition. The more use your memory, the stronger will it become. Here are some exercises that you can employ:

  • Tease the Memory

In order to strengthen your memory, you can test its capabilities through memorizing small paragraphs or poems on a regular basis. There are two basic steps to this process, memorizing and recalling. Don’t lose heart if you miss key passages at first. Rather, go back to text and continue with the exercise.

Another way to do this is to memorize the names of interesting people and places that you may have come across while reading a book or a magazine. Now, try to remember them. Start with a smaller list. Later, as your memory improves, include more names.

  • Play

The list of memory improvement exercises also includes some games that are perfect for energizing the brain cells. Solving crossword puzzles or Soduku will stimulate your brain cells, especially those that you may not use day in your daily life.

  • Association

Our memory works best with those names, events, and numbers that have some sort of association. It happens quite often that we remember a particular name by associating it with some incident or action. Therefore, whenever you come across an unusual name or a long number, try to associate it with something familiar.

  • Creating Acronyms

Acronyms are easier to remember. It is a good idea to create acronyms of important definitions, or items. This is one of the most effective memory improvement exercises.

  • Rhyme Time

Memory improvement exercises can be fun. Take a name or number and weave your own creativity around it. Match it with other words that rhyme with it.

Do these memory improvement exercises on a daily basis, and you will soon get the desired results.

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