Memory loss and Emotional DisorderMemory loss and emotional disorder is correlated in many ways as both are regulated by the brain. A person may suffer from major emotional set back, which can lead to certain disorders and consequently cause loss of memory. People suffering from emotional disorders often find it hard to get organized, to learn new things, to memorize and concentrate on things. This is because the emotional stress affects parts of the brain that helps in improving the memory process.

Know how Emotional Disorder affects Memory Loss

  • Emotional disorder can be triggered by several types of traumatic experiences in life. It has been seen that women who have been sexually molested, raped or abused can suffer from emotion disorder. This traumatic experience can affect several parts of the brain, resulting in social impairment, memory loss and several other disorders.
  • Some recent studies have shown that people who have gone through the traumatic experience of childhood abuse or war can experience a change in the hippocampus, the center of all memory related activities, which in turn causes impaired memory.
  • Since hippocampus regulates learning skill and concentration or memory part, a negative change in that due to emotional disorder initiates several memory related problems. A child who has emotional disorder can exhibit less interest and skill in learning and memorizing new things.
  • Emotional trauma can also lead to intrusive memory, fragmentation of memory, dissociation, pathological emotions and memory disorders, all of which play an important role in memory loss.
  • In case of emotional trauma, a large amount of stress hormone – Cortisol, is released. This can affect the brain and damage the CA3 neurons, which in turn affect the hippocampus. No doubt, memory loss becomes a part of the emotional disorder that becomes the aftermath of the traumatic incident.
  • Once the hippocampus is damaged, the patients cannot form new memories effectively. This leads to their inability to learn properly.
  • Attention and concentration level can also drop as a result of emotional disorder.

Emotional disorder can affect the brain in more ways than normally visible. However, in the long run, the affects like memory loss will become conspicuous.


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