Method for Remembering Names and FacesGetting introduced to some people at a party and facing an embarrassing situation in the next party by forgetting their names is a peril that most of us have encountered. But there are ways to combat this problem. Certain memory techniques work wonder in helping you remember face and names of people properly. Here are some of these valuable tips and techniques –

Memory Techniques to Remember Face & Name Easily:

  • Paying Attention – This is a very helpful way to remember a person’s face and name at the same time. If you listen carefully with concentration, you can remember the name next time easily.
  • Mind Set – This is another crucial step that you can follow. If you think that you will forget the names immediately after being introduced, your memory will work that way. But if you brace yourself to remember the names, at least most of the names and faces, you can remember them properly.
  • Face and Name Association – Do you remember the methods your teachers employed to help you memorize names easily? It is called mnemonic strategy. This is one of the most useful memory techniques that you can apply. Associate names with funny imaginations and it will help you better.
  • Observation – When you are getting introduced to new people, make sure you are making eye contact. This will help you to remember special facial features or other characteristics like the way they talk and walk etc. This in turn will help you in remembering their names better the next time.
  • Repetition – Among other memory techniques, this is certainly a very helpful one. When first introduced, ask politely for a repetition of the name. This will increase your chances of remembering the name and the person better. Even while conversing with that person, make sure that you try to repeat the name sometimes to remember it well.
  • You can also try to know the origin of the name of the person to show your interest. This is considered to be one of the valuable memory techniques to remember the name and the person.

There are several other memory techniques apart from those mentioned above, which you can use to remember names and faces of people well.

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