Gianni Golfera is one of the most credited teachers and researchers in strategies of learning how to improve ones memory throughout the world.

Researchers agree that Gianni Golfera possesses a truly astounding memory. Scientists writing for Brain Research Bulletin claimed in 2004 that they “could not establish the limits of his memory”, while a team of researchers at the University San Raffaele in Milan and the Boston Institute of Technology was unable to locate neurological evidence that would have signaled some type of “memory gene", and thusly concluded that his extraordinary memory was the direct result of learned techniques that he had developed and improved himself. These techniques are known as the "Golfera Method" to improve memory.

In the past 20 years Gianni has taught how to improve memory, methods of learning and improved memory retention to people working for public institutions (such as the National Chamber of Deputies, the Academy of Custom Officers, the Universities of Milan, Ferrara, Bolzano), for private companies (Enel group, Poste Italiane, Iri Management, Technogym), and to professionals, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, students, and to people of all ages, and all skills.

For Gianni Golfera the "memorable" journey started at the age of 12, when, having an extremely difficult time at school remembering lessons, he started reading the treatise De Umbris idearum written during the Renaissance by the philosopher and mnemonist Giordano Bruno. This treatise introduced him to the "Art of Memory", a mnemonic technique invented by a Greek poet and well known to roman authors, that reached its peak in popularity among Renaissance intellectuals.

This "Art of memory" has ironically almost been forgotten, in part because these memory techniques came to modern day readers through complex philosophical texts that are not easy to fully understand.  Gianni Golfera has made it his mission to contribute to studying this Art, by improving developing and updating its principles, adapting it for our every day needs, and making it more accessible as well as easy to learn. Thanks to researchers like Golfera, these mnemonic techniques are now considered pedagogical tools, and are therefore studied by scholars in a wide variety of fields, such as neurosciences, cognitive psychology and brain physiology.

In summary, Gianni Golfera, a celebrity in his field, is a lecturer, a teacher, a memory trainer, and a writer (in Italy he has already published 5 books on how to improve memory, and 3 of them are best sellers). His credentials and his teaching attest to his success: he has taught at and participated in prestigious events such as the Festival of Mathematics, The Secret Day, the Mensa international meeting, and several training seminaries for the Chamber of Deputies, the Italian Military Air Force, and the Italian Centre for Security and Defence Studies. He has also appeared as an instructor on TV and radio programs, broadcasted by networks like the BBC, National Geographic, and the Fox Family Network.