Speed Reading technique For Memory improvementThough there are various memory improvement techniques, speed reading is hailed as one of the most effective ones by people all over the world. Correct speed reading techniques will not only help you double your reading speed, but also retain the information for a long time and enjoy improved concentration as well as focus. If you want to try it now, here are some techniques that will help you master speed reading:

  • Chunking: Break down complex information into chunks of 7 elements or less. Since your conscious brain can organize and manage only about 7 seven chunks of data at a time, chunking of data this way will help you read faster and remember large amounts of data for a long time to come. The usage of mnemonics can be a good way to accomplish this job.
  • Skimming: Learn how to skim the entire data using key words and phrases, without reading every word on the page. By skipping some sections that have little consequence to the overall meaning, you will be able to process information faster as compared to the traditional way of reading each word.
  • Elimination of sub-vocalization: When you read aloud, the time taken by the brain to process the words before they are pronounced is more as compared to when you read silently. Some research results have shown that as long as the first and last alphabet is in place, your brain can understand the arrangement of the other letters as it logically puts each piece into place. So, learn to read silently without pronouncing each word in your mind as you will be able to read a selection much faster this way and retain the same in your memory. No wonder that this is an important memory improvement technique.

Though you may be lured into trying speed reading – an effective memory improvement technique, remember to be patient and persistent in your efforts. There are no tried and true methods that would work for everyone. So, if you want to learn how to speed read, the best way to is to practice and study the various methods as mentioned above, which speed readers employ, and select the ones that match your needs the best.

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