Secrets for Increasing your Brain Power

Secrets to increase your brain powerIf you want to unlock the power of your brain and make the most of your life, here are some secret tips that can help:

  • Practice deep breathing: When you take a deep breath, air is drawn deeper into your lungs. This means that the presence of oxygen in your blood increases, which in turn also helps your brain. Taking deep breaths will also let you relax and beat stress, which in turn is known to be conducive to clear thinking. Thus, deep breathing can help you increase brain power.
  • Meditate: Though there are various forms of meditation, you can begin with the simple task of closing your eyes and paying attention to how you breathe. Whenever your mind tends to wander, focus on your breath. Keep exercising the muscles by tensing them up and then relaxing them. A small session of just five or ten minutes will usually relax you, clear your thoughts, and make you ready for any mental task.
  • Develop good thinking habits: Good thinking habits can help a lot in your endeavor to increase memory power. So, try to redesign everything you do and see in a positive way for a while unless it becomes a habit. Once the habit takes root into your subconscious mind, you will become more resourceful effortlessly and have the capability to use the power of habit, which in turn would help you to handle situations positively.
  • Have adequate sleep: Sleep better to increase brain power. Though many people will tell you that seven to eight hours of sleep is mandatory for good brain power, what matters is the quality rather than the quantity. As long as you get enough sleep, which is around five hours for most people, you won’t have any problem exercising your brain for various jobs. You may even take short naps in the afternoon, if possible, as they have been found to be useful in recharging the brain cells.
  • Exercise: If you wish to increase brain power for long term, opt for a regular exercise schedule to ensure good physical health. Remember – good physical heath will also boost your brain power. Even some research results have shown how only ten minutes of aerobic exercise can improve cognitive function. So, imagine what your brain can do if you keep it healthy by doing regular exercises.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Eat a balanced diet, avoid unhealthy food items and stay away from other bad habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol to have a fit body and mind.

Lead a disciplined life and follow these tips to increase brain power.

Did you know that most people use just 2% of their mental resources? Just imagine what you would have done if you had the key to increase brain power. By unleashing your brain's full potential, you would have been able to enjoy an improved memory, think faster, and comprehend information in a better way. If you are eager to know about some steps that would help you give a boost to your brain power, take a look at the following methods:

  • Develop clear thinking and concentration: Once you remove or are able to overcome distractions all around you, it becomes easy to concentrate with a clear mind. So, learn to stop and watch your busy mind. You will be able to notice things that are subtly bothering you, and develop the power to deal with them. With practice, the entire act will become easier, and your thinking will become more powerful.
  • Utilize your dead time: We often waste or under-utilize our time. You can use such dead time effectively. For example, when you drive, commute to and from your workplace, cook or clean your home, try listening to books-on-tape, make a mental to-do list, or make a rough budget for your grocery shopping. This way, you can use your time effectively, keep your brain busy and even learn a lot from the books.
  • Learn a language: Many researches have shown that learning a new language stops or slows down the age-related decline in brain functions. It will also help your mind to look at things in a new way and adapt to new concepts. No wonder that learning languages is one of the best ways to increase memory.
  • Learn speed reading: You can comprehend a lot of matter in a short time if you learn to speed-read. Apart from learning a lot more in less time, you can also enjoy a good brain exercise by this act.
  • A regular exercise routine: Long term exercise can boost brain power, which isn't surprising. It is believed that anything, which affects physical health in a positive way, also helps the brain. Some recent researches have even shown that just after ten minutes of aerobic exercise, the cognitive function of the person improves immediately. So, make a regular exercise schedule to recharge your brain and keep it functional.

Brain improvement and brain capacity enhancement are interlinked. In fact, success in the former will also make the latter happen. It is a proven fact that an average human being only uses 2% of his or her brain. The basic principle of improving the power of this complex and most powerful part of the human anatomy is to exercise it to the fullest. Remember that the more you use your brain cells, the stronger they will become, thus increasing your brain’s capacity. So, here are some techniques to help you enhance your brain power:

  • Right and Left

Knowing how to use both the right and left parts of your brain is the secret behind brain capacity enhancement. While the right brain is responsible for our emotions, intuition, creativity, and subconscious, the left brain takes care of reasoning, analytical thoughts, use of language and everything that we consciously do. Use of flash cards and other creative methods will help you remember things in better ways. In addition, the process will also exploit you creativity.

  • Meditate

Meditation will keep your brain in good shape. Apart from its relaxing power, it is an interesting way of rejuvenating the left and right part of the brains. No wonder that it is a good way of memory enhancement.

  • Visualize

Before you do anything, make a mental picture of the action. This will make it easier for you to accomplish the task. In fact, this is a good way to let your left and right brain work together.

  • Reading Different Subjects

This is a good way to use all the faculties of your brain. Read everything from fairy tales to scientific journals. This particular exercise will bring variety in your reading habits while using both reasoning and creative aspects of your brain.

  • Games

There are certain games that test your brain’s capacity and useful for Brain Training. Puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku and scrabbles are good for sharpening your brains cells. Remember the saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” So, don’t let your brain cells sit idle. Rather, keep them occupied by playing such games.

  • New Skills

You may consider learning new skills. Learning musical instruments, a new language or painting are good for keeping your brain in good shape.

Finally, the extent of brain capacity enhancement will depend on how sincerely and regularly you exercise your brain cells.

If you don’t want to let your brain power degenerate with age, you should find an appropriate brain fitness program and start doing mental exercises without any further delay. There are many programs that help your brain to think faster, remember more and focus better. All that you need to do is select the right program and create a regular mental exercise regimen to reap the benefits. To help you get started, here are some brain fitness programs and exercises that you can include in your schedule:

  • Use link techniques: People remember a list better if the ingredients of the list are linked to each other. You too can use the same memory technique and even use images to remember what your list includes. For example, if your list includes a beverage, paper towels, bread and mustard, you can link them up by thinking a story. Say, the bottle of beverage gets spilled. You use the paper towels to soak it up. You also use the paper towels to wrap the bread that you have used to make a delicious sandwich using mustard. This way, you can remember your entire list, that too in a yummy way!
  • Sing: Even when you don’t have much trust on your vocal chords, try singing about something that you are working upon. This brain fitness program taps into your right brain and gives it some precious doses of exercise. Even rhyming becomes easier when you sing as compared to when you simply write or speak. So, start singing to solve problems and deal with matters easily.
  • Puzzles and games: Crosswords, Sudoku, matching a deck of cards etc are some other ways that can help your brain fitness program achieve its objective. Since these games give your brain an extensive workout, your brain functions better and stays in good health for a long time.
  • Paper folding puzzles: If you want to enhance the power of your brain’s visual-spatial circuits, use paper folding puzzles. Usually, these puzzles utilize a square sheet along with a given pattern. When the sheet is folded along the dotted lines, you have to find out the right result from the given choices.

Pick and choose from these exercises to create your own brain fitness program and enjoy an enhanced brain power.

How to Boost Brain Power by Gianni Golfera

If you thought that your brain power would remain constant after a certain stage, you are wrong. Since the adult human brain is flexible, you can boost brain power by helping it grow new cells and get rewired. However, you will need to develop and practice some habits that can improve the functionality of your brain and help it achieve its full potential. Here are some steps that can help you get started:

  • Keep an eye on what you eat: You diet can influence how effectively your brain operates. So, eat a balanced and nutritious meal. In case you are allergic to food items like corn, wheat, peanuts or dairy products, stay away from them as their intake may cause brain fog and digestive problems. You should also stay away from excessive use of caffeine as it leads to poorer quality decisions in the long run.
  • Learn to recognize your cycle of consciousness: The consciousness of people goes through multiple crests and troughs throughout the day. Most people experience 90 minute cycles, where almost 30 minutes constitute a phase of lower consciousness. You should try to recognize this cycle as it will help you track your mental state better. This in turn will enable you to concentrate on important mental tasks when your mind is at its peak of consciousness or is "awake". Similarly, working for any creative insight is advantageous when your conscious mind has slowed down and is in a drowsy state. Mastering this technique will boost brain power and bring many benefits your way.
  • Learn to concentrate: Our mind has a tendency to wander. It may also bring some unnecessary thoughts in the picture, thus distracting you from the job on hand. So, it’s important to learn to notice when you get distracted. Ask yourself what’s on your mind at the moment and deal with it. This will leaves you in a more relaxed state and help you think more clearly. Try to use this technique to boost brain power and experience the difference yourself.
  • Sleep well and learn to take power naps: Having a good night’s sleep will help you stay in a relaxed state and concentrate better. You can also take 30 minutes’ of power nap sometime in the day to recharge your brain and let it overcome the fatigue of working tirelessly. This will not only boost brain power but also help you accomplish much more in lesser time.

Foods That Boost Brain Power by Gianni Golfera

If you want to boost brain power, it won’t be enough to just exercise or learn new techniques. The food that you eat should also be taken care of as the wrong food may bring all your efforts to null. So, know about some "brain foods" that improve the function of your brain. Including a generous dose of these foods will help you enjoy an improved level of memory, concentration and focus.

  • Whole Foods: Since the solid part of your brain is primarily composed of fats, you should include good fats in your diet to help you brain function optimally. Cereals and grains like bran and oatmeal should form a staple part of your diet if you want to give a boost to your brain power.
  • Protein: Eating foods rich in protein like chicken and other poultry products also boost brain power. Many of these food items have high levels of amino acids and tyrosine. Amino acids are especially helpful as they get converted into norepinephrine and dopamine, which play an important role in keeping us alert. You can even eat soy that comes packed with protein, and can trigger neurotransmitters associated with memory. Intake of milk can also improve your mental flexibility by manifolds.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful for both the brain and the heart. So, eat fishes high in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon etc once a week. This will not only improve your memory but also enhance your ability to learn new things faster.
  • Folic acid: To combat neurodegeneration, include food items containing folic acid in your diet like romaine lettuce, black beans, lentils, okra and black-eyed peas. You can also opt for a folic acid supplement and include foods containing brewers yeast in your diet.
  • Vitamin C and Beta-carotene: Citrus fruits containing vitamin C and orange, yellow, as well as green vegetables packed with beta-carotene fight signs of aging and help in improved memory. So, consume food items belonging to these categories to boost brain power.

Eat a balanced meal where all these food items are consumed in turn, which will help you to enjoy an enhanced brain power.