Secrets to increase your brain powerIf you want to unlock the power of your brain and make the most of your life, here are some secret tips that can help:

  • Practice deep breathing: When you take a deep breath, air is drawn deeper into your lungs. This means that the presence of oxygen in your blood increases, which in turn also helps your brain. Taking deep breaths will also let you relax and beat stress, which in turn is known to be conducive to clear thinking. Thus, deep breathing can help you increase brain power.
  • Meditate: Though there are various forms of meditation, you can begin with the simple task of closing your eyes and paying attention to how you breathe. Whenever your mind tends to wander, focus on your breath. Keep exercising the muscles by tensing them up and then relaxing them. A small session of just five or ten minutes will usually relax you, clear your thoughts, and make you ready for any mental task.
  • Develop good thinking habits: Good thinking habits can help a lot in your endeavor to increase memory power. So, try to redesign everything you do and see in a positive way for a while unless it becomes a habit. Once the habit takes root into your subconscious mind, you will become more resourceful effortlessly and have the capability to use the power of habit, which in turn would help you to handle situations positively.
  • Have adequate sleep: Sleep better to increase brain power. Though many people will tell you that seven to eight hours of sleep is mandatory for good brain power, what matters is the quality rather than the quantity. As long as you get enough sleep, which is around five hours for most people, you won’t have any problem exercising your brain for various jobs. You may even take short naps in the afternoon, if possible, as they have been found to be useful in recharging the brain cells.
  • Exercise: If you wish to increase brain power for long term, opt for a regular exercise schedule to ensure good physical health. Remember – good physical heath will also boost your brain power. Even some research results have shown how only ten minutes of aerobic exercise can improve cognitive function. So, imagine what your brain can do if you keep it healthy by doing regular exercises.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Eat a balanced diet, avoid unhealthy food items and stay away from other bad habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol to have a fit body and mind.

Lead a disciplined life and follow these tips to increase brain power.