Seeing our elders losing their memory power with the increase in their age is a common phenomenon that many of us have witnessed. Memory loss with aging has been considered almost a natural process and most of the time, it has nothing to do with threatening diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to accept things as they are. Memory can be improved even in the aging people. All that it needs is to increase the exercise for your brain cells. After all, it has been proven that brain can produce new brain cells even in aged people.

Before dealing with the problem of failing memory, you have to make sure whether it is a case of natural memory loss or is due to some diseases that warrant a visit to the doctor. Here are some instances that show cases of normal memory loss:

•  Forgetting an appointment.

•  Forgetting where you have kept things you use regularly like the keys, your glasses etc.

•  Forgetting contact numbers.

•  Wandering, trying to remember the reason for coming to a place or room.

Ways to prevent Memory Loss

Here are certain tips that you can follow in order to improve memory even when you are aging.

  • It’s been observed that with aging, less blood flows into the brain cells, which in turn can cause memory loss. Regular exercises can help in combating this situation. This is because with exercising, more oxygen and blood goes to the brain, thereby keeping the cells healthy.
  • Just like you are keeping your body healthy through exercising, you need to give some work to your brain also. Supplying new information is a way to keep your brain cells engaged and in good condition. You can take up exciting classes or play Sudoku to keep your brain working in the proper way.
  • Eat healthy. This is another way to prevent memory loss in aging people. Vitamin B protects neurons and also helps in combating cardiovascular diseases. Increasing the intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables help in keeping the body healthy, which in turn ensures good brain health as well.
  • In today’s world, pollution, tension and stress levels have increased a lot. Managing stress is a must while working on improving memory.

Memory loss with aging may be a natural aspect of life. But you can follow these simple tips to stay away from the concern of dealing with decreased memory power.