Did you know that most people use just 2% of their mental resources? Just imagine what you would have done if you had the key to increase brain power. By unleashing your brain's full potential, you would have been able to enjoy an improved memory, think faster, and comprehend information in a better way. If you are eager to know about some steps that would help you give a boost to your brain power, take a look at the following methods:

  • Develop clear thinking and concentration: Once you remove or are able to overcome distractions all around you, it becomes easy to concentrate with a clear mind. So, learn to stop and watch your busy mind. You will be able to notice things that are subtly bothering you, and develop the power to deal with them. With practice, the entire act will become easier, and your thinking will become more powerful.
  • Utilize your dead time: We often waste or under-utilize our time. You can use such dead time effectively. For example, when you drive, commute to and from your workplace, cook or clean your home, try listening to books-on-tape, make a mental to-do list, or make a rough budget for your grocery shopping. This way, you can use your time effectively, keep your brain busy and even learn a lot from the books.
  • Learn a language: Many researches have shown that learning a new language stops or slows down the age-related decline in brain functions. It will also help your mind to look at things in a new way and adapt to new concepts. No wonder that learning languages is one of the best ways to increase memory.
  • Learn speed reading: You can comprehend a lot of matter in a short time if you learn to speed-read. Apart from learning a lot more in less time, you can also enjoy a good brain exercise by this act.
  • A regular exercise routine: Long term exercise can boost brain power, which isn't surprising. It is believed that anything, which affects physical health in a positive way, also helps the brain. Some recent researches have even shown that just after ten minutes of aerobic exercise, the cognitive function of the person improves immediately. So, make a regular exercise schedule to recharge your brain and keep it functional.

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